Ammyy Version 3.0 Free

One of the simplest and quickest remote PC control software program

Remote control and assistance are quite common nowadays and there's no wonder, either. Instead of spending precious time sending technicians out to physically meet clients and instead of troubling clients and forcing them to clear their mornings or afternoons waiting for a technician to come, remote control and assistance offer a convenient means of providing the needed assistance through the Internet.
In order to provide such assistance a special kind of software program is required. Ammyy Admin is a free software program that enables remote desktop sharing and remote PC control. It can be used for remote administration of home or office PCs, for remote support for clients, for remote assistance in educational endeavors and needs and so on and so forth.
Ammyy requires no lengthy installation processes or configuration procedures, it's quite easy to use and offers a decent level of data security, although it's not for free.
Once Ammyy had been started, it enables you to control remote PCs without necessitating human presence on the other side. You can control unattended computers, reboot them and perform any number of tasks with them.
If you aren’t taken by Ammyy there are plenty of other alternatives out there that constitute good remote control and assistance tools and some are even offered for free.
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